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South Gulf Cove Yacht Club

El Jobean, FL 33927 US


Do you have to own a boat to belong?
NO!  For most events, you can jump on one of the other boats.  Contact the contact person for the event and asked to be paired with a boat that is already participating.  This is a great way to meet new people and become familiar with waterways!
Do I need a membership card?
There is no membership card at this time.  We recommend wearing your name badges to all events to help people to get to know you by name and not just by face.  All events will have a list of members and will also have a list of guests for insurance purposes. 
How can I change my information on the website?
We recommend you use the edit option in your user profile to update your information.  If you are still having issues, then you can contact the webmaster at  We recommend that you check your user information to insure it was accurately entered initially.
When are the meetings?
Typically meetings are held at the Rotonda American Legion, located at 3436 Indiana Rd, Rotonda West, FL 33947.  The meetings are the first Tuesday of the month and start promptly at 7:30 p.m.  The Ship Store is available with South Gulf Cove merchandise.  We recommend arriving early to browse the store, purchase raffle tickets, sign-up and pay for events, socialize and make new friends!
Can I bring a guest?
Absolutely.  To events that have a fee, there is a guest charge.  Also, members have the availability to sign up first, then guests may sign up if the members do not fill the event.  Basically, members are given priority.  If the event is as water event without a charge, typically a boat passenger count will be taken and guests would be counted as additional passengers.
Some events are for Members Only and will be posted as such.  Hot to Trot and the Lobster Bake are always NO Guests, due to the popularly of these events.
Can I host an event?
Yes.  Our club would not run effectively without all our volunteers, and our event coordinators.  If you have an idea for an event, contact the commodore at  The commodore will be able to guide you from idea to successful event.  Do not be intimidated by the process, there are a lot of volunteers that will help every step of the way, whether it be with answering questions, decorating, finding catering or just general questions, you will be helped!  
Do we have boat rentals?
Not at this time.  If you want to go to an event and do not have a boat, contact the persons doing the signup for the event and see if anyone is willing to take additional passengers.  This is a great way to meet new people!  We strive to make room for everyone!
How big is the South Gulf Cove Lock?
The South Gulf Cove Lock inside dimensions are 20’ wide by 60’ long.
How deep are the South Gulf Cove canals?
The average depth of the waterways  in South Gulf Cove is 5’, but that can vary + or – 1’ or more depending on the time of year and amount of rainfall. Because South Gulf Cove has a Lock System, the canal depths are not effected by tides.
How do I get involved?
Come to a meeting.  Join us at raft up.  Contact a member of the bridge that will be happy to answer any questions you have about being in the yacht club.  You can also help with set up or clean up at an event.  There are many ways to get involved, and each one of them has unique benefits!  Contact the bridge today to find out more!
How high are the Bridge Clearances in South Gulf Cove?
Bridge clearances vary between 8' and 9' 6" depending on individual bridges (they are not all at the same height) and the time/season of the year. During the winter/dry season the clearance is usually at the greatest, and during the summer/rainy season they are at the least. Because South Gulf Cove has a Lock System, the canal depths are not effected by tides.
What are some dining options by boat?
*****All of the following are located outside of the locks.  All are listed in no particular order.  Please check the marine forecast to verify safe travels prior to departure.  It is recommended that you contact the venue to verify information and hours of operation.  The information contained herein is not updated daily and therefore may change at any time.   For further information, contact each venue directly.*****
Gasparilla Marina Waterside Grill located at 15001 Gasparilla Rd, Placida, the PH# 941-697-2280.  They are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  They have a fuel dock, bait shop and a ship store also available.  They have indoor and outdoor seating in a casual atmosphere.   There is a live webcam where you can check the weather at the marina.  There is live entertainment and other events here throughout the year.  For more information, visit their website at
Lazy Flamingo is located on Northern Pine Island at 16501 - B Stringfellow Rd, Bokeelia and their PH# is 239-283-5959.  They boast their "signature items" such as the "The Pot," "Flamingo Garlic Bread," "Dead Parrot Wings," and "Teri-Hot" wings. They also have Key Lime Pie (a Florida favorite), among other choices.  Hours are 11 am to 12 am daily. For more information, visit their website at
Bert's Bar and Grill is located on Matlacha at 4271 Pine Island Rd and their PH# is 239-282-3232.  Park your cars, dock your boats, and kickback at Bert's Bar!  They boast a one of a kind waterfront restaurant offering delicious and fresh local seafood, refreshing brews, beautiful views, and entertainment nightly from SW FL's favorite local bands.  Hours are Su - Wed 11 am - to 10 pm, Th - Sat 11 am to 12 am.  For more information, visit their website at
Harpoon Harry's / Captain's Table / Scotty's Brewhouse / Fisherman's Village:
Fisherman's Village is located on Charlotte Harbor and is accessible by boat and vehicle.  Fisherman's Village has become a top-rated stay and play destination.  They have fuel pumps.  In addition to the listed dining locations, it boasts 30 shops, services, a resort and marina, a military museum plus special events hosted frequently.  They advertise as the perfect place to come for a day of shopping or a vacation.  For more information, visit their website at
Harpoon Harry's is located in the downstairs portion of the Smuggler's Resturants in Fisherman's village.  The address is 1200 W. Retta Esplanade, Punta Gorda on Charlotte Harbor.  PH#941-637-1177.  It is a boat-casual, indoor/outdoor seating facility with fantastic sunset views daily.  They have great seafood and a lighter fare menu.  They have an active entertainment schedule, pool and air hockey.  For more information, visit their website at 
The Captain's Table is located in Fisherman's Village in the Waterfront Mall,  Resort & Marina in Punta Gorda.  The address is 1200 W. Retta Esplanade, PH# 941-637-1177.  They boast the freshest gulf seafood, hand cut steaks and dishes from award winning chefs.  They take reservations.  For more information, visit their website at
The Village Brewhouse is located in Fisherman's Village at 1200 W. Retta Esplanade, Punta Gorda.  There is free parking.  Ph#941-621-8329.  The offer both indoor and outdoor seating.  They use fresh, signature ground chuck for the burgers that is never frozen.  Most of their sauces and dressings are proprietary recipes and house made.  They take reservations.  For more information, visit their website at
Laishley's Crab House is located at 150 Laishley Court, and their Ph# is 941-205-5566.  They boast fresh blue crab from Peace River Seafood Market and the Charlotte Harbor.  They have fresh Alaskan King Crab, Snow Crab flown in daily from Dutch Harbor, Alaska or enjoy your favorite seafood, steaks and sushi.  They accept reservations.  For more information, visit their website at
Temporarily closed due to Ian (CHECK WEBSITE FOR REOPENING) Nav-A-Gator Grill is located at the Desoto Marina at 9700 S.W. Riverview Circle, Lake Suzy and their number is 941-627-FISH.  There is fuel available.  The ship store has bait, ice, etc.  Take out food is available.  This true Florida experience offers guests gator bites with Nav-A-Gator sauce.  Another favorite food is their "hearts of palm" also called "swamp cabbage."  For pet lovers, there is an outside courtyard/stage area.  There is also a doggy menu!!  This is accessible by car and boat.  For more information on this family friendly Florida experience, visit their website at
Dollar Bill Bar and Restuarant is located on beautiful Cabbage Key and is accessible by boat only.  Located at Channel Marker 60 off Pine Island. PH#239-283-2278. They boast active fire places, original hardwood floors, and Cypress walls.  Located in the old house, the "open-air" restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, 365 days a year.  For more information, visit their website at
Temporarily closed due to Ian (CHECK WEBSITE FOR REOPENING) Yucatan Waterfront Bar and Grill  is located at 4875 Pine Island Rd in Matlacha. Their PH# 239-283-0113.  Accessible by both vehicle and boat.  Offering the best views in Matlacha morning day or night.  A guest can watch the dolphins playing, fish jumping or birds flying while enjoying a Sandy Hook favorite, Tuna Nachos.  For more information, visit their website at
Eagle Grille / Miller's Dockside / Boca Grande Marina are located on Boca Grande at 220 Harbor Dr.  Their PH#941-964-8000.  The Marina has gas and diesel available.  The also have a marine store stocked with many items including live & frozen bait, bag & block ice, Fishing Tackle, Sunscreen, Water and ICE COLD Beer!!
Eagle Grille is located on the second floor and overlooks the marina, providing guests with an amazing view of Charlotte Harbor during their peaceful and quiet dining experience. 
Miller's Dockside boasts great food and drinks in a fun, casual atmosphere where guests can watch as boats arrive and depart the marina. Local island sports bar.  Enjoy college games and NFL Sunday ticket every weekend during football season.  They are accessible by both boat and car.
For more information on Eagle Grill and Miller's Dockside, visit their website at
Cass Cay Restuarant and Bar at Burnt Store Marina specializes in steak and seafood.  They are located at 3192 Matecumbe Key Rd.  PH# 941-347-7148.  They have boat fuel.  With a full bar, live entertainment, and a waterfront view from every table in the restuarant, guests are sure to have a pleasurable experience.  Next to the restaurant is the Trading Post, Burnt Store Marina's general store, which sells deli, bakery staples, the small souvenirs and t-shirts.  For more information, visit their website at
What are the demographics of the Yacht Club?
The club is comprised of homeowners throughout South Gulf Cove Neighborhood.  Members range in social/economic backgrounds and range in age, and likes/dislikes.  Some are year round, some are seasonal.  Some go to a couple events a year, while others go to nearly everything.  You do not need to have a boat, nor do you have to live on the water.  This organization promotes socialization and familiarization between neighbors with the hopes of creating lasting friendships!  
What are the fishing license requirements?
Suggested websites:
Basic Information:
For residents who only saltwater fish from the land or a structure attached to land, may get the resident recreational saltwater shoreline fishing license at no cost (except for convenience fees that apply on telephone and Internet orders).  
Non-residents must purchase a 3-day, 7-day or annual non resident saltwater fishing license when saltwater fishing from the shore or a pier, bridge or jetty attached to the shore unless fishing on a pier with a pier license.
A recreational saltwater fishing license is required for residents and nonresidents to take or attempt to take saltwater fish, crabs, clams, marine plants or other saltwater organisms.
Non resident fishing and hunting license information:
Recreational hunting and fishing licenses for residents:
What are the speed zones in South Gulf Cove?
All interior canals are slow speed, minimum wake.  
The Interceptor lagoon is safe traveling speed.
Any vessel operating in a speed zone posted as "Slow Down - Minimum Wake" must operate fully off plane and completely settled in the water.
Any vessel operating in a speed zone posted as "Idle Speed - No wake" must operate at the minimum speed that allows the vessel to maintain headway and steerageway.
There are no canals in South Gulf Cove that are Idle Speed No wake.
For more information on speed, visit
What are the work rafts and how can I use one?
The work rafts are owned by the Yacht Club and placed in different areas throughout the neighborhood for ease of use by members.  If you want to use one of the rafts, and you are a member, contact the Rear Commodore at and arrangements will be facilitated for you to use the raft.
What is a Raft-Up?
First off, a raft up is an excellent, laid back way to meet members of the Yacht Club and enjoy the beautiful weather we have here year round.  Raft Ups are posted on the website, and members are reminded at meetings and via email.  They are typically on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.  We meet in the Interceptor lagoon at the Mooring Ball (near the island).  Boats tie to each other and use bouys to protect the boats while tied to each other.  Members/guests can then walk from boat to boat and enjoy food and friends.  If you don't have a boat, or would prefer to ride on another boat, contact the vice Commodore. These events are hosted by the vice commodore who can be contacted at   HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!!!!
What is the Fish Rapper?
The Fish Rapper is the monthly membership newsletter that is created and posted by the current Commodore.  This is an opportunity for the Commodore to address club events, community events and more! Space permitted, we will consider adding articles for South Gulf Cove Organizations for social events, space permitting.  For more information, contact the commodore at 
What is the Ship Store?
The ship store is available at every meeting and is an opportunity to purchase items with the Yacht Club logo.  There is everything from shirts to hats, license plates and much more.  Items are ready for purchase at the meeting, and the items change regularly. So every week there maybe something new.  The Ship Store is also open to suggestions for new items!  Join us and check out our selection at the next meeting!!
What is the voting procedure?
At any meeting, all votes shall be by voice or a show of hands, as called by the Commodore, except in case of election of officers, which shall be done by ballot.  Members in good standing shall be entitled to one vote.  A family unit shall be shall be entitled to a maximum of 2 votes.
When are annual dues due?
Annual dues are due on January 1st of each year. They must be paid prior to the first of February of each year.  Invoices are sent via email blast on December 1st.
If dues are not received by the last day of February, membership will be terminated.  For reinstatement at this point, you must submit an application  along with annual dues and the initiation fee.
Reminder emails are sent out, the website is updated with reminders and reminders are made at the meetings to avoid this from occurring.
Where can I get boat fuel?
By land:  Closest is Super Day Gas station located at the corner of 776 and Gasparilla Rd.  Open M-F 5 am to 11 pm PH# 941-697-1556. Website
By water:  Closest is Gulf Coast Marine located at 4240 El Jobean Rd, Port Charlotte.  PH# 941-629-9666.  Hours:  M-F 8 am to 5 pm, Sa 8 am to 4 pm, Su 8 am to 5 pm .  They are across the harbor from the entrance to the locks.  There website is
Where can I launch my boat?
There are two options in South Gulf Cove.
Option #1 is the Butterford Waterway Park located at 13555 Marathon Blvd.  This is a small ramp only park. There are trash cans and a dock so you can dock your boat while loading/unloading.  Width wise this is the smallest of the two boat ramps.  It is located on the North east side of South Gulf Cove in the Butterford waterway.
Option #2 is the South Gulf Cove park located at 10150 Amicola St. Hours for the boat ramp are 24 hours, the other amenities the hours are 6 am to 9 pm.  This park has BBQ grills, Picnic Shelters Playground, Picnic Tables and an indoor restroom.  Reservations for this park are also available by calling he county at 941-681-3742.   Rental rate is $10/HR.  Seating capacity is 48 people.  This park has a wider boat ramp, and more area to launch boat.  
Where is the SGCYC marina? Can we rent a slip?
SGCYC is a social club, we do not have a marina or slips for rent.
Who do I contact?
Wondering who to contact?  Hopefully this will help.
*** Typically each event has a contact person.  This person is listed on the event flyers, and in emails.  To minimize confusion, try to contact this person about specific event information.  
If you have questions contact the Commodore or any member of the bridge and they will be more than happy to help you.  Typical response times vary, as we are all volunteers.
Vice Commodore:
Rear Commodore:
Contact the Marine Watch Chair regarding waterway problems or to request patrols of certain areas. 
Contact the Membership Chair regarding membership concerns, for example dues, renewal, new member information

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