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South Gulf Cove Yacht Club

El Jobean, FL 33927 US


To provide a presence on the South Gulf Cove waterways in order to deter theft and vandalism to boats, docks, lifts, and land-based properties.

The SGC Neighborhood Marine Watch is part of the SGC protective shield protecting residents by cooperating with the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office, the SGC Neighborhood Watch, and the SGC Street Watch.

The Neighborhood Marine Watch is a volunteer-based program sponsored by the South Gulf Cove Yacht Club.

The coordinator is Vinnie Ricco. 
  • Observe and take note of your neighbor's boat, lift, and property.
  • Equipment without serial numbers should be engraved with your driver's license number.
  • Affix your house number to your lift or dock, piling with the numbers facing the water.
  • Call Charlotte County Sheriff's Office. If you see something wrong, call 941-639-0013.
  • Call Charlotte County Sheriff's Office if you see something wrong: - 941-639-0013
  • Identify yourself and your location.
  • If describing a boat, provide the following:
    • Registration number
    • Hailing port
    • Boat name
    • Color
    • Type of motor (inboard/outboard)
    • Length
    • Number of people on board
    • Unique characteristics
  • And email the Marine Watch Coordinator
For the purposes of patrolling, SGC has been broken down into nine watch areas. Assigned areas are near your home dock. You will be issued a map, observation instructions, signs for your boat, and follow-up procedures. Boat signs are paid for by the Yacht Club and the South Gulf Cove Homeowner's Association. In the event of suspicious activity, you will be given a phone number to Charlotte County Sheriff Dispatch.

As of now, there is no provision for documentation of fuel consumption by boats for tax deductions.

Captains should patrol with a partner. Your vessel should be adequately equipped and have passed a Coast Guard Vessel Safety Check. Any hour of the day or night is acceptable if you are familiar with nighttime operations. Volunteers should keep high visibility and not be armed. This is an observation-based program.

You do not have to own a boat to be a volunteer for this program. You can function as a crew when the need arises. Volunteers with boats are expected to patrol at least once a month. Twice a month is ideal. After each patrol, captains email the coordinator with their report for documentation purposes.

Participating in this program allows you to give back to your local community. Residents are always waving to you, showing their appreciation.

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